Code List Roblox (May 2024): Free Clothing and Objects

03/04/2024 · Updated: 23/04/2024

Do you want to receive amazing free gifts at Roblox? With the codes (also called promo codes) you can achieve it. You just have to know a couple of things to start taking advantage of them. Here we want to explain what are they, where to get them and how to put them. Having these three things clear will help you a lot in the future.

codes roblox promo codes

By the way, it is common that on some web pages you see that they offer you codes. Don't believe in those false promises. You could put your account at risk, and in the worst case, lose it with all the progress you have made.

Table of Contents
  1. List of codes for Roblox - Updated Promo Codes
  2. What Are Roblox Promo Codes?
  3. Where Can I Get Promo Codes?
  4. How To Redeem Roblox Promo Codes

List of codes for Roblox - Updated Promo Codes

Below you find the active codes for the game Roblox. These codes still They're available. Hurry up to redeem them! It is not known when they will cease to be.

Working Roblox Codes

Last updated: 23 / 04 / 2024

Please, if you find any new code that works or one that has stopped working, it is important for us that you let us know in the comments. Thank you so much!


Codes for games Roblox

On the other hand, Roblox It has many different games and each game has its own codes, with which you can unlock many free rewards for your avatar. We are in charge of updating the codes that work and those that stop working for each game. Below you have the list:

Roblox Commands ListRoblox Commands List

Get free items for Roblox WITHOUT CODES

Many of you ask us daily: can you get free items without codes? And the answer is yes! There are two ways: first, by redeeming the free items and clothes that you can find directly in the store Roblox. The second is participating in the events organized by companies, in which they usually give away many free elements for your avatar. We collect all the events that exist this link.

There are many free items for your avatar that you can get for free in the store without the need for codes or use Robux. Below we have compiled a list of all the free rewards that you can claim right now:





Expired codes

These other codes They are already expired and don't work. We show them to you so that you ignore them and do not waste time trying them.

EXPIRED Codes Roblox
  • StrikeAPose

What Are Roblox Promo Codes?

codes are a series of letters, numbers and symbols that administrators create Roblox. With them you can get free items or Robux. In no case can you create the codes, not even other pages. Do not trust.

Where Can I Get Promo Codes?

The codes put them in online sites, such as social networks or within the same website of Roblox. They get a new code when the company reaches a goal, wants to celebrate something, sponsor a brand or any other reason. He is very attentive to his official Twitter account (@Roblox). There they publish relevant information on the subject.

Another place where you can get codes is in the packages of the official figures of Roblox that you buy in real life.

How To Redeem Roblox Promo Codes

To put the codes you must enter this page and make sure you sign in with your account. Then type the code exactly as it is written in the box and click "Exchange".

redeem codes roblox

If the code is valid, the object you receive will go immediately to your Inventory. In case you have misspelled it, it does not exist, it is expired or already used, it will not work.

We will be updating this page with the most recent and expired codes, so you will have fresh information every time you enter. help your friends sharing this articleYou will see that they will thank you very much.

And remember to follow Roblox on Twitter already. That way you will be aware of everything.

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  1. Josrakyy: Roblox says:

    Hello, my name is Jose. I have been in @ for 2 yearsRoblox and I liked the promocodes. But there's a problem! Some promocodes don't work anymore 🙁 I'll give them to you to remove. Thank you very much @TodoRoblox.
    I think some are from the instagram event but they expired on February 29th. Bye!

  2. Josrakyy: Roblox says:

    Thank you! The Promocodes were very cool!

  3. Josrakyy: Roblox says:

    TOYRUHEADPHONES is the best promocode of roblox, I liked the rabbit headphones. That promocode is from the egg hunt, but it expired 🙁

  4. martingouu says:

    Hello my name is Martin, I have been in roblox and I loved the promocodes to get Robux, Clothes etc q are free. I wanted to say thank you because now I can put the codes that you leave on this page and I put them in the games and they give me many things. Bye!

  5. Sarahi says:

    Mmm the (promocodes) if they work just that I don't know if my phone fails me that they don't give you the prizes the first time it only takes a few minutes but it does work and if you want to play with me in roblox my name is sarahi_pro10 well that was all bye

  6. MegaRodri200 says:

    and those of Kitty :v

  7. Tijoner says:

    Those codes are very useful Thank you!, but can you put the Boku No codes Roblox please.

  8. Miguel says:

    Missing you Epic Minigames

  9. Zaira says:

    Hello, my name is Zaira, I have been in Roblox I like it a lot but there is something that makes me sad about the theme of the Robux since I am one of the people who cannot buy but I cannot find the promocodes of robux and I would like to have you tell me where I could find them since I do not understand very well the issue of promocodes of robux

  10. savvaatticon says:

    They don't have codes for adopt me?

  11. libnymilk says:

    me this page because as its name mentions it there is everything from roblox, my favorite items are the promocodes because it is a very easy way to get exclusive items from roblox, Congratulations to the creator because he makes a great help with this page <3 + libnymilk

  12. Denzell Escobar says:

    Hello, my name is Denzell and I want to say that I like the promo codes:
    😃but there is a problem, it's the codes of the games and that, like Shark bite, that game has codes, can you put it?😄

  13. Cat_LoverRobloxMeow says:

    Plis, plis, plis, pliiiiiis, more codes of things UwU, and of adopt me, please

  14. KiaritaPro2905 says:

    @TodoRoblox I esteem and respect them but they cannot bring codes for adopt me or am I wrong we all want this
    and also how can I respond to children that I can help on this website or cannot answer, I would like your opinion if you can 😕.

  15. luchi_flamingo07 says:

    @Cat_LoverRobloxMeow and @savvaatticon
    there are no codes for adopt me!

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    Thank you very much, it helped me a lot ;D

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    Very good very good very good if it were noteworthy I would give it a 5 star

  18. Karim_GamerYT7462 says:

    Hello, I loved the SMYTHSHEADPHONES2020 code, the headphones were great, they fit my avatar perfectly, thank goodness the promocode is still active

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    It is a wonderful page thanks to this trusted page I can get many promocodes and more. Thank you very much I love it 10/10

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    I would like them to put lists of codes for apeirophobia

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